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Our Activities: Sundarban Leisure Tourism's Adventurous Activities

Our Activities: At Sundarban Leisure Tourism, we offer an unforgettable adventure amidst the majestic beauty of the Sundarbans. Our carefully crafted tours immerse you in the wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its rich biodiversity and stunning natural landscapes. Embark on an exhilarating journey with us and create memories to last a lifetime. We can discuss some more about "our activities" in this article.


Our Activities
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Sundarban Delta Safari by Boat

Explore the intricate network of rivers, islands, and creeks that define the Sundarbans Delta on a thrilling boat safari. We can check some more about "our activities" in this article.

Guided Jungle Safari

Join our knowledgeable guides for an immersive jungle safari at the Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve, where you can spot a variety of wildlife species in their natural habitat.

  • Pirkhali
  • Banbibi Varani
  • Sundarkhali
  • Khonakhali
  • Choragaji
  • Deualvarani
  • SarakKhali 1 or 2
  • Gazikhali
  • Nobanki
  • Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Boat Safari

Cruise through the scenic waterways of the Sundarbans, visiting iconic locations such as Pirkhali, SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Deul Varani, and Banbibi Varani.

Visit to Watchtowers

Climb to the top of watchtowers strategically located within the Sundarbans National Park for panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness and wildlife sightings.  We are powered by Argusdna [Webs Designing Company ] also we have our brother company Royal Sundarban Tourism.   

Canopy Walk at Do Banki

Experience the thrill of walking amidst the treetops on the 896-meter canopy walk at Do Banki, offering a unique perspective of the forest canopy and wildlife below.

Cultural Programs:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Sundarbans with entertaining folk dance performances, accompanied by delicious snacks and beverages.

Bonfire & Music:

During the winter season, gather around a cozy bonfire as you enjoy soulful music under the starlit sky, creating unforgettable memories with fellow travelers.

Authentic Bengali Cuisine

Indulge in delicious Bengali cuisine featuring fresh seafood, traditional dishes, and indigenous specialties prepared by our expert chefs. Enjoy a culinary experience that tantalizes your taste buds and showcases the flavors of the Sundarbans.

Budget Sundarban Packages

There are many variations of Sundarban Packages avaliable

  • -22%
    Sundarban 1 Day Tour Package

    Sundarban 1 Day Tour Package

    2,799.00 1 day Sundarban Tour Ac Car, Boat.
    2,799.00 View Details
  • -13%
    Sundarban 1 Night 2 Days Package

    Sundarban 1 Night 2 Days Package

    3,999.00 1 Night 2 days Ac Car, Boat.
    3,999.00 View Details
  • -7%
    Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

    Sundarban 2 Nights 3 Days Package

    5,499.00 3 Days 2 Night AC Car, Boat
    5,499.00 View Details
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